Dienstag, 13. März 2012

Glitter Sandwich Circus Confetti

Love the title! :)

I've tried this glitter sandwich thing a few times now and it never turned out the way I hoped it would. Either my top coat was too opaque or the colors just didn't match. But because I love this effect so much on other nails I gave it another try and this time I'm very happy with the result.

First I added two coats of Essie - Lapis Of Luxury, a color I haven't been wearing in a long time. It's not opaque with two coats but I didn't bother since the glitter would be on top anyway.
So I chose Essence - Circus Confetti as the glitter polish and added one coat over my base color.
I have one light blue which isn't opaque at all, it's Being In Heaven from p2. One coat on top and my glitter was wrapped. 


  1. Beautiful! I love glitter sandwich mani ;-)

  2. So pretty!! This is one of the prettiest glitter sandwiches I've ever seen!

  3. Das ist wirklich eine tolle Kombination! Was für ein Glück, dass ich die Lacke auch hab und das mal ausprobieren kann ;)

  4. Gorgeous! I don't usually like rainbow glitter but it looks very nice encased in light blue :)

  5. Mir gefällt das Ergebnis auch sehr gut ;3. Wusste gar nicht das sowas ein Sandwich ist :D, gut zu wissen. Besteht ein Snadwich also nur aus einem Base Coat + Glitter? Noch einen schönen Abend.

    lg Neru

  6. That's so pretty! I really like how the colorful glitter complements the light blue base nicely.

  7. Hello!! I'm a new follower and a few days ago (or a week lol) i discovered your blog and i fell in love with this manicure. Therefore i got inspiration from you and did my glitter sandwich for a weekly chalenge were we get inspiration from fellow bloguers and pinterest :) I'll leave the link just in case you want to check it out. Thank you!! :D**



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