Freitag, 13. April 2012

Green Gradient Nails With A Twist

I've always been an admirer for the one stroke nail art technique, especially the designs from Tartofraises are really pretty. I wanted to try it as well but as you can tell by looking at my pictureus I didn't succeed... but in the end it helped me discover a different approach, by using two colors and painting them on my nails together. 

I used a simple white nail polish and a dark green from Catrice called Run Forest Run. With a wide brush I added the two colors on my brush just as in the one stroke technique (one color on the left, one on the right). Then I mixed the colors on a paper and painted them on my nail. 

As a result I got this pretty gradient from left to right. I like these much better than my grey gradient nails from yesterday. The colors blend together quite well! 

Sorry about the tic on my middle finger nail, I had a fight with my toothpaste ;)

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