Montag, 23. April 2012

Water Decals: Roses

Although I have no idea why, once again I ordered some full nail water decals. I always fall for those pretty decals! But everytime I'm using them I ask myself: Why did I buy those again? Well, I guess I do because after they're in place and done I usually love how they look. 

For the weekend I chose black water decals with roses. I bought them at Chez Delaney for 1.70 €.

Water decals are dipped into water for about 5 seconds and then placed onto the nail. This is the annoying step. Sometimes it works and sometimes the decal just doesn't stay where it's supposed to be and it moves around and moves and moves -.-

If you succeed in placing it, you will need a non-fast-drying top coat. I used 
Star Nail - Nail Art Finishing Sealer which works alright with decals. About 30 minutes later I applied another coat of Revlon Quick Dry Top Coat. 

Beneath the decals I applied one coat of black nail polish in case the decal wouldn't cover my entire natural nail. 

For a tutorial on how to apply water decals I recommend this video from Tartofraises. 


  1. Das sieht richtig toll aus! Ich habe jetzt zuletzt kleinere Waterdecal-Motive ausprobiert und verstehe sehr gut, was Du meinst. Es war wirklich nervig, dass die Teile ständig hin und her rutschen. Mich würden aber trotzdem auch die Ganznagelmotive interessieren.

    1. Genau das meine ich! Beim grossen Motiv ist das dann noch mühsamer, weil es ja relativ genau passen sollte. Naja, ich kauf sie eh wieder, aber nervt trotzdem ;)

  2. These are so beautiful!! I am a new follower :D

    Please check out my blog as well


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