Donnerstag, 26. Juli 2012

Lightning Nails

So today's nails are inspired by the Lightning Storm Nails from Justtryinyournail. I've seen the lightning nails and I thought there's no way those are freehanded... well, they are! And I had to do them as well. So I just gave it a try. You can find her tutorial on how to do these here

I used the following colors:
Essence - Midnight Date
Essence - Passion For Fashion
Essie - Too Too Hot
Wet 'n' Wild - Back Alley Deals
Essie - Blanc

I'm not too happy with my result though and I think I'm going to re-do them, now that I have found the tutorial. 


  1. Sieht aus, als hättest du erst die Sponge Technik verwendet und dann die Blitze draufgezeichnet, muss mir gleich mal das Tutorial ansehen :D. Dein Ergebnis gefällt mir wirklich sehr gut!

    lg Neru

  2. pretty! i have a price for you in my blog


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