Sonntag, 1. Juli 2012

Milani - Antique + DIY Decal

I've done some DIY Decals a while ago using Essie - Lapis Of Luxury as a base color and adding Essie - Mint Candy Apple plus a random golden nail polish with a straw. For this design I decided to cut the decals in stripes and add them onto one of my new blue tones: Milani - Antique

I didn't realise that Antique and Lapis Of Luxury are so similar. I think a more opposed color would have looked better. Maybe dark blue? I used Essence - Soft Touch as a matte top coat. 

And I will leave you with some scheduled blog posts for the next two weeks. I surely hope it will work as planned and hope you're all having the opportunity to go on holiday as well! 
Take care! <3


  1. Sieht total interessant aus. Und das malt man dann auf Tesafilm und klebt es auf die Nägel, oder so in der Art :D? Wünsche dir einen ganz schönen Urlaub <3.

    lg Neru

  2. Those look amazing! Have a fab holiday :)


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