Freitag, 24. August 2012

Blue & White Water Marble with Essie Colors

As promised a new water marble design, up to date with each nail almost looking the same! I really wanted to create water marble designs like this one since I first started, but I never really gave an effort to see why it didn't work. So this time I watched a lot of tutorials on Youtube, the ones where the water marble pros do awesome marble designs which I couldn't ever imagine doing. For example My Simple Little Pleasures, who does awesome step-by-step tutorials. I really had a flash of inspiration looking at her tutorials and the most important thing I learned was to dip in the needle in the middle of the marble. Sounds really easy, right? Why didn't I do that earlier? It helps to keep the polish in place, which makes it easier to plan the design. 

Blue White Water Marble

I applied one coat of Essie - Blanc at first and then started my marble design with Blanc and Mesmerized. Adding alternately three drops of each color I then started with the design. I chose to do four draws outside and then four draws back in the middle, just like in this video. As you can see, she dips the chopstick in the middle and creates a very symmetric design. That was actually the first time I had such a pretty marble inside the water bowl! So then I could chose the exact spot to put my nail in and did that with every nail. I had to do my pinky nail twice though because it wasn't straight at the first try. 

Blue White Water Marble

The Essie colors worked fine, as you can see the blue wasn't completely opaque and it made some air bubbles in the water. But nothing I couldn't work with. So despite the fact that water marble is very time- and polish-consuming I really want to learn more about water marbling and try more different designs. After my first success I tried to do stripes and failed big time, haha! But I'm sure I will be able to do some candy cane marbling for Christmas, there's enough time to learn ;)

Blue White Water Marble

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