Mittwoch, 22. August 2012

Del Sol - Heartbreaker / Color Changing Nail Polish

Color changing nail polish? 

Yeah, that's right! I didn't even know that something like that exists, did you? But as soon as I saw the pictures on Google I knew I had to try this. The color change of Del Sol nail polish occurs when exposed to sunlight. I bought my bottle on Ebay for 7.50$ plus 4.50$ shipping costs and that is quite a lot. But I really wanted to have one of those in my collection. I chose a lovely strawberry red with red glitter called Heartbreaker because the other colors were too glittery or sheer for me. But the Ebay shop I bought at was so nice to include paper swatches of some of the other colors. So if you're interested in buying one of these and want to see how they change in the sun, let me know and I can take a picture of the swatches for you.

Del Sol Heartbreaker

You're looking at two coats of Del Sol - Heartbreaker which looks alright, but is not completely opaque. It dried rather quickly and I had no problems with application. I added one coat of Revlon Quick Dry Top Coat although I wasn't sure if it was going to mess with the changing effect. It didn't for all I know, so I guess top coat is fine. Heartbreaker is supposed to change from red to purple and I was surprised how quickly that happened! You just need to keep your nails in the sun for a few seconds and there you have a dark purple berry color. Which is awesome, because before that it was red! And then purple! And red again! Love it ;) 

Del Sol Heartbreaker

I read some reviews about how people are disappointed in these nail polishes because the stated color on the bottle didn't fit the color on the nails later. But I really like Heartbreaker since I didn't expect too much in the first place and actually the changing effect is pretty cool and remarkable. 

I tried to make a picture with two red nails and two purple nails, but they changed really quickly! So this is what I got, with my index and middle nail in the sunlight and my ring and pinky nail right out of the shade. 

Del Sol Heartbreaker

I can't wait to see the look on people's faces when they see my nail polish changing color in front of their eyes, hurray! 

Would you wear a color changing nail polish? Or do you maybe have one already?


  1. Really nice o_o

    Maybe I should go and visit ebay :p now :p :D

  2. I have four of these and they are so much fun! The thing is, the colour change gets MORE dramatic if the sunlight is strong, so it might depend on the UV index of the day (or something). This is a gorgeous colour, you make me wish I'd gotten this one too!

  3. very nice! And it just reminded me that I was going to order some, too (and then forgot all about it) :-)


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