Donnerstag, 16. August 2012

Essence Colour Arts Pigments: WOW It's Orange! & Broadway Starlet / DIY Nail Polish

Guess what I found today! The Essence Colour Arts Pigments! I really didn't expect to find them so soon in Switzerland, Usually we are way behind everyone else. So Essence had a great idea and released a bunch of pigments and bases to mix them into. I bought two pigments and one nail base. I guess you could just use a random clear nail polish, I don't think it is a special polish. 

You will need the following to create your own nail polish:

I'd recommend not using the brush from the nail base to paint your nails like it is written on the bottle. Just take a separate brush, this will keep your nail base from staining with leftovers from pigments. The process of painting your nails with pigments is very easy: Just add some pigments onto a paper and then add a few drops of the nail base, mix it together and paint your nails. 

So this is one coat each, applied with my separate brush, which means the application is not flawless. But that's nothing a good top coat couldn't fix: Essence BTGN Top Sealer! 

From left to right, two coats each: WOW It's Orange!, Broadway Starlet and a mix of both pigments.

 I didn't like the mix of orange and glitter so I decided to get my eyeshadow. Basically with the Essence pigments you're doing the same thing as I did in this video tutorial. This means you can mix the pigments with any eyeshadow you like. I chose p2 - Moonlight Glam, a dark purple with shimmer, mixed it with Broadway Starlet from Essence and applied it to one nail. I love it! 

So, I really like the idea of pigments and mixing your own nail polish. But considering the price of each pigment (I paid about 4 CHF for one color) I'm not gonna buy more pigments in the future. I guess I will mix my nail base with the rest of my Broadway Starlet to create a bottle of polish. 

Any ideas what to do with my orange pigments? Maybe add some glitter to it? How great would it have been if Essence released flakies to add to the pigments... yeah, one can dream, right? ;) 


  1. I love your last picture!
    hey I didn't know you are also from Switzerland!!!!

  2. Könnte eine tolle Grundlage für Galaxy Nails sein! Gefällt mir seeehr gut!

    lg :)

  3. This is so cool! Too bad Essence doesn't sell this kind of stuff over here... :(


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