Freitag, 3. August 2012

Essence - I'm The Boss!

For today one of the new colors from Essence. They exchanged the whole nail polish range, which means new bottles and new brushes. I chose two colors and today I will show you a dark grey with glitter called I'm The Boss!

I'm The Boss! looks very pretty in the bottle, it's a dark grey and there's a lot of glitter going on. You can see blue, green and purple glitter flakies in the bottle! Well, that's it. The colorful glitter doesn't really transfer onto the nails. There's still glitter though!

These are two coats and one coat of Essence - BTGN  Top Sealer. 

Formula was alright and it dried rather quick. But then there's the brush. I'm somehow disappointed in this one and since I've already tried my second new Essence polish I think the brushes might all look like this one. Take a look at the picture below.

Yeah, forget about the perfect round cuticle line with this brush! It really looks like it's not supposed to be that way and they did it wrong, but I guess that's the way they wanted it to be. 

Besides the brush I love the polish and a dark grey like this one was missing in my collection up until now. 


  1. ich finde die pinsel toll?! gut, vllt fast ein bisschen zu groß für mein nagelbett, aber ich hab gestern einen neuen roten aufgetragen und musste eigentlich gar nichts ausbesser am nagelbett.
    schade :/

    1. Die Grösse ist eigentlich okay, aber die einzelnen Haare unterschiedlich lang... Nervt halt, geht aber schon.

    2. ahsoo, das seh ich jetzt erst. ja, das ist eher suboptimal - nagelschere :D


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