Montag, 13. August 2012

Pastel Geometric Nails

Everytime I do pastel nail art I can't resist doing pastel skittle nails, especially since now I have the perfect colors to do so in my collection. You might already have stumbled upon some of my pastel designs through the months and today it is time for another one. 

I decided to pimp my pastel rainbow with some geometric shapes. For this one I used the same colors as in my Pastel Watercolor Nails: China Glaze - Re-Fresh Mint, Something Sweet and Lemon Fizz, Manhattan 81c and added Essie - Lilacism to the rainbow. I did the shapes with white acrylic paint and then added a smaller version in the middle with the nail polish color on the right side. 

Well, hello there! :) 


  1. you know what i love about this? it's like the female version of the playstation buttons! its like girl gamer nails!

  2. ^It's totally playstation! Awesome xD

  3. Lindas demais, depois faz um passo a passo pra gente?

  4. That is so sweet ^^ It looks gorgeous! :) Love!


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