Sonntag, 23. September 2012

One Stroke Tiger Nails / Butterfly Accent

I really fell in love with one stroke nail art the first time I've seen it on other women's nails. If you check it out on Google or Youtube, I'm sure you will too. You can create the most amazing flowers on your nails with this technique. Or you could... because it is not easy, at least not for me. I have tried several times and never achieved a decent result. So I tried some more and finally got something I liked. 

I chose two Youtube tutorials for my inspiration, because it wasn't possible without a guideline for me. For the butterfly I used this one and for the tiger nails I used a technique described by Tartofraises. It is in french but she has english subtitles. 

I used my acrylic paint for this one and a one stroke brush I have ordered some time ago on Ebay. I'm pretty sure you will need a special brush otherwise it's not gonna work properly. And you will need acrylic paint because nail polish is not gonna work with this technique. If you like this kind of nail art I really recommend you getting into it and have a look at some tutorials. Once you got the hang of it you can do so many great designs! 

Please excuse my chipped nails in the pictures, you know I'm still looking for a way to seal acrylic paint correctly.

Hope you like it!


  1. Wow! Wirklich schönes Design! Gefällt mir sehr :)

  2. I work a lot with acrylic paint and the best topcoat that works for me is from essence anti-chip. the bottle is glas collour ( i'm sorry for my english it is not good and i can't find the word where i'm searching for) the cap is white.

    i've used sechevite but it wo'nt work for me. with the topcoat form essence my paint holds at least 2 weaks and it 2 euro so it is cheap.


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