Sonntag, 7. Oktober 2012

Essence Pigments - Broadway Starlet & Heart Accent Nail

Some time ago I did a little bit of mixing with my favorite Essence pigment: Broadway Starlet. I mixed Broadway Starlet with about the same amount of the p2 eyeshadow called Moonlight Glam. Together it gives an amazing purple with colorful glitter. The only bad thing about this is that you have to work pretty fast to get an even coverage on each nail. I did one thick coat on each nail and then added one coat of Essence BTGN Top Sealer. After it has completely dried I used a piece of tape punched with my heart shaped hole puncher on my accent nail. I filled out the heart with Anny - Absolutely Fuchsia, a beautiful dark pink glitter polish. Instead of taking off the tape right away like I usually do it, I waited for a few seconds because otherwise the polish would have smudged. Then on top again another coat of BTNG Top Sealer. 

I think it looks very simply but nonetheless fancy and I'm really in love with that pigment! Just look at that last macro shot, full of glitter! 


  1. Beautiful! But how do you do it with essence pigments? Because, last time when I tried it, it was horrible; everything was full of glitter & my nails looked awfull???

    1. I have described the process here: Why did your nails look aweful? Did you use a good top coat?

  2. beautiful, I have to play a little with my pigments too, I love this result


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