Freitag, 26. Oktober 2012

Grey Water Marble with Dots

Today's design started out with a great idea and then ended up not too great. I planned on doing a Water Marble like I did here but with grey colors. But then I had to learn that Water Marble really is one of a kind and very unpredictable. It just didn't work out as I wanted it to and although I used the same black as with the previous Water Marble, this time the black kept on drying too fast in the water. Well, I managed to finish it somehow in a random look so I decided to spice it up with some dots. And it went from boring to way too much details, I couldn't stop dotting! I used p2 - Eternal, Catrice - London's Weather Forecast and Artdeco - 108 in the Water Marble and with the dots. On top is one coat of Essence - BTGN Top Sealer. 

Today the voting for the Essie Girls contest has ended and with your help and a lot of begging I made it to the Top 10! The jury will decide next week which 5 girls will win the contest. Thank you for voting and wish me luck for the final round! 


  1. erbseerbse, mal wieder total schön! ich dotte auch so gerne, irgendwie macht das spaß.
    ich stells mir in matt auch hübsch vor :)

    1. Dankeee :) Stimmt, würde sich sicher gut machen in Matt!

  2. I love the dots you added to the marble! And great to hear you made it to the top 10!! The last time I checked the votes was this morning around 1am and then I wasn't able to look again so I'm not sure who is in the top 10...we'll see next week for the top 5! good luck!

  3. Wow.

    For my comment, just picture me staring at this with my mouth open. It looks FABULOUS.

  4. Tolles Design *-*
    Besonders die Punkte sehen super aus (:

  5. Tolles Design :-) Ich finde es so schön dezent und elegant und Punkte sind natürlich immer gut.

  6. Can I say beyond wonderful :D ?

  7. I love it! Embellished water marbles are my favourite kind!


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