Dienstag, 30. Oktober 2012

Halloween: Ripped Zombie Nails (Warning: Nasty!)

After seeing some pretty awesome Massacre Nails on Rundum Schön with a link to a Tutorial by Klaire de Lys for a ripped up nail I decided to try some real Halloween nails this year as well. It can't always be cute and pretty, right? And since my Water Decals didn't arrive yet, I started to paint my nails in a different way for once. I took some cheap fake nails, broke them in two pieces and glued them onto my natural nails with clear nail polish (since I don't own lash glue). Then, as shown in the video, I used red lipstick, fluid blush and food coloring to create bloody skin. As soon as my fake nails dried, I used green and grey eyeshadow to color them and my hand. I had so much fun doing these, but of course I didn't leave the house like this. We don't celebrate Halloween in Switzerland, so me dressing up as a Zombie and going out at night would have been a bit weird. 


  1. Waaaauw, looks very cool!


  2. Wow, that looks amazing... and creepy :p

  3. Uah! Also das sieht wirklich ... ekelhaft aus, was in dem Fall ein Kompliment ist ;-)

  4. Ich bin durch die Beautyjunkies zu dir gekommen, machst echt tolle Sachen! hast ne Leserin mehr :)

  5. wow, das ist ja sowas von toll!! echt gruslig... deine variante gefällt mir sogar nen hauch besser als das original.

    und danke vielmals für deine verlinkung :-)

    <3 Lily

  6. Ich hab gerade dein Blog ueber Nihrida entdeckt und ich muss sagen es gefällt mir....und diese Nagel sind der hammer :) Nur so weiter!


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