Freitag, 19. Oktober 2012

Halloween Ruffian Nails feat. China Glaze - Ick-A-Bod-Y

I guess I don't longer need to apologise for being early with Halloween designs, since it is approaching fast now. So here is a very simple and fast Halloween designs including the perfect Halloween nail polish by China Glaze. I've just realised I haven't used this since last Halloween, shame on me! But then again the polish is kind of difficult to combine with summer or spring, even winter themed designs. Anyway, it is still in perfect condition and I decided to use it in a Ruffian design. I started with two coats of Wet 'n' Wild - Black Creme and then did the bow with two coats of China Glaze - Ick-A-Bod-Y. On top is one coat of Essie - Good To Go. I had the greatest idea and mixed my remaining drops of my old GTG bottle into my current bottle which is now coming to an end slowly. Then I added some drops of nail polish thinner (p2) and got an almost new Good To Go. I hope it won't influence the fast-drying formula, we'll see! 

Halloween Ruffian Nails China Glaze Ick-A-Bod-Y

Halloween Ruffian Nails China Glaze Ick-A-Bod-Y

Halloween Ruffian Nails China Glaze Ick-A-Bod-Y

Halloween Ruffian Nails China Glaze Ick-A-Bod-Y

As you can see I got into the spirit of bottle pictures with my Essie Girls Design! I really love the lighting with this hand position and I think I might keep it up in the future. Also, it is nice to see how the polish looks like in the bottle, I have actually no idea why I stopped doing that. 

By the way I am at the moment in the top ten of the Essie Girls contest! Thank you so much for voting and please vote some more if you can! 

Have a nice weekend! 


  1. Great mani! Ick-A-Bod-Y is such a great and festive color.

    Also, I don't know why but the Essie Girls page on Essie Switzerland is not loading for me. It starts loading, then stops for a second and starts loading again from 0, stops, starts loading from 0 and so on. I can't get it to load properly. Do you happen to know why this happens? Is this page pciture-heavy? (I should note that this happens both on my Macbook and my Windows XP pc, using Safari and Mozilla browsers.) I'd really like to vote for you!

    1. Thank you Chester! There are about 20 pictures in the app. I have no idea why it wouldn't work... I use Chrome and I was able to open it on Windows and with the iPad. Only when I'm using Facebook as a page or on my mobile it doesn't work. But that's not it, right? Maybe try again in a day or two? Thanks nonetheless for trying! ;)

  2. Sehr schöne Idee und der CG Nagellack sieht super schön aus :)!

    lg Neru


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