Mittwoch, 21. November 2012

Essie - Midnight Cami feat. Silver Glitter

Guess what I got myself yesterday? A lightbox for foggy winter days! And although the sun was shining today, I spent the afternoon practicing different hand positions, camera settings and so on to get nice and suitable pictures. Well I am not a professional photographer and I still have to learn a lot about working with my camera so this is the best I can do for now. I hope to get better soon and to be able to present you all the beautiful colors even on the darkest winter day. (I can do swatches at night, how awesome is that?!) So yesterday I was running out of time to do my nails and I was already really tired so I just used one of my new Essie's and a bit of glitter. I chose Essie - Mignight Cami which is a dark, shimmering blue. I thought this would match perfectly with silver glitter and so I sprinkled some on top of a smudge of clear nail polish. On top of it all is one coat of BTGN Top Sealer. Then this morning I ran into a wall, so please excuse the scratches if you can spot them ;)


  1. Wunderhübsch :-) Das erinnert mich tatsächlich an eine kalte Winternacht.

  2. Great pictures, great nail design. I think the lightening is good :)

  3. Ich finde es sehr schön, erinnert mich ein bissel an den Sternenhimmel/ die Milchstraße ;D. Solo sieht der Essie nagellack aber bestimmt auch super schön aus!

    lg Neru

  4. that's so pretty! and midnight cami is gorgeous! its the 1st time I'seen it so beautiful!

  5. I totally love this color!!! Especially mixed with silver.


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