Freitag, 16. November 2012

Essie - Sand Tropez & Smokin Hot / Gradient Nails with a Twist

This one is once again inspired by nails that I've seen on Pinterest. Check out the pin here. I love the idea and it is really unique but sadly I don't know the artist. I recreated it with the help of french nail tapes from Essence, two of my new highly adored Essie polishes and a piece of a kitchen sponge. I chose to start with Essie - Sand Tropez which needed two coats to be opaque. Then I added the tapes to my nails and used Sand Tropez plus Essie - Smokin Hot to create the gradient. So this looks a bit sloppy in macro but in my opinion it looks awesome in real. My problem is the gradient but I'm working on it! On top is one coat of BTGN Top Sealer.

By the way, thank you all for the amazing comments on my last post about my Essie prize! I'm very happy to have such lovely readers :) Have a nice weekend! 

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