Freitag, 9. November 2012

Golden Leopard

Today's nails are once again Pinterest inspired. I found this Pin and I think this has to be an advertisement for nail stickers since I wouldn't know how to create such perfect golden nails otherwise. So I really dislike nail stickers because they never fit and always peel off very quickly. But I do love that Leopard look! So I decided to do it with nail polish. I used two coats of Lancome - 012 which is my best golden nail polish concerning the color. Application is not that great, it doesn't really dry and it leaves ugly brush strokes on the nail. But where are those strokes now? I found a very useful tip on Polish Art Addiction on how to avoid brush strokes with metallic colors. You just sponge the last coat of color with a simple kitchen sponge. It won't be perfect but it looks way better than without the sponging. And in addition it gave a very pretty pattern to my gold so I decided to wear this as it is for a day. On top is one coat of Essie - Good To Go.

But then I wanted to do the Leopard nonetheless. I added spots with China Glaze - Cheers To You and the lines with Wet 'n' Wild - Black Creme. First I did it just like in the picture with my ring finger and thumb nail in pure gold. But I didn't like that as much as I liked it in the picture so I painted all my nails with the Leopard pattern. On top is another coat of Good To Go. 

Have a nice weekend! 


  1. this is beautiful!! I've been wanting to do a leopard mani since such a long time and I so love the gold/silver combo that I might try the same ;D

  2. So, nach langem Schweigen muss es raus: Deine Nagelform, deine Maniküren und die Bilder sind richtig schön! Wirklich beneidenswert :)

  3. Sieht richtig toll ais, gefällt mir auch sehr gut ;). Schöne Idee mit dem Gold, Silber und Schwarz.

    lg Neru

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