Sonntag, 4. November 2012

Nfu Oh - 065 + Aqua Base

About a week ago I ordered my first ever holographic nail polish. I didn't like these for a long time and I thought they wouldn't fit my skin color anyway. But the longer I looked at all those swatches going around, the more I felt the need to have one of them. And then I suddenly wanted one really badly. So I looked around and decided to go for Nfu Oh because I heard good things about this brand and their holos. I ordered one bottle of the Aqua Base and one bottle of the blue holographic 065. I read that application without Aqua Base is horrible, so I wanted to be safe. I bought them at Chez Delaney for 9.50 Euro (065) and 8.60 (Base). So I used one coat of the Aqua Base which took quite some time to dry. I'd recommend about 10 to 15 minutes at least. On top I applied two coats of Nfu Oh - 065 and it dried really fast. On top is one coat of Essie - Good To Go. The Aqua Base makes cleaning up a bit tricky, since it is kind of glue-like. 

Daylight, shade: 

Artificial light: 

How do you like Holographics? 


  1. It looks gorgeous on you. Stunning rainbow. I have Nfu.Oh 61 but I haven't tried it yet because I had to wait for Aqua Base to arrive.

  2. I adore holos. I have the pink and the green one from NfuOh and some Ludurana and Hits and now I am waithing for my Halo Hues. They are tricky they don't last as much but no nail polish looks like holos and they also are so photogenic. This one is gorgeous!

  3. Ich leibe die Hololacke von Nfu Oh! Habe selbst drei und vergöttere sie nahezu. Um den, den du die bestellt hast, schleiche ich schon seit einiger Zeit herum. :)

  4. LOVE holos. I ordered a spectraflair one off etsy because the brands that usually make them are impossible to find in Canada.


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