Mittwoch, 16. Januar 2013

Tricolor Brown & Blue Water Spotted Nails

Last week cutepolish did an amazing and very unique tutorial on how to do Water Spotted Nails. To be honest I'm usually not a big fan of cutepolish, but this one just blew my mind! I have no idea how she came up with this, but it is hands down brilliant. I'm a big fan of OPI Black Spotted, but there's no way I could get my hands on it. But with this tutorial you're able to do Spotted Nails in every color possible. All you need is the usual stuff for water marbling and hand sanitizer. I had some problems with this one at first, because I bought the wrong sanitizer. After seeing the very pretty tutorial by Nailderella I bought a bottle of Merfen spray, which I think is less stronger than the one I used before. With Merfen the tutorial worked perfectly and so I did two versions of those Water Spotted Nails, one in brown and one in blue. 

For the first one I used two coats of Essie - Eternal Optimist as my base color. Then I  used Essie - Master Plan for the first spotted coat and Essie - Smokin' Hot for the second spotted coat. On top is one coat of BTGN Top Sealer.

For the second one I used two coats of China Glaze - Re-Fresh Mint as my base color. Then I added the first spotted coat with China Glaze - Cheers To You and the second spotted coat with Essie - Mesmerized. On top is again one coat of BTGN Top Sealer.

As you can see it is a bit difficult to do all the nails in a similar way. But just like with water marbling, I think it just takes a bit of practice and this will no longer be a problem. If it doesn't work for you try using a different sanitizer, this was my main problem. Now, how do you like this technique? Are you as excited as I am?


  1. Oh wow, I haven't seen this technique before. Its amazing how it comes up. Love the blue version :)

  2. Wooow! Du machst so geile Nageldesigns, einfach herrlich! *-*

  3. God, I love the nail art you do. It is like magic! :-)

  4. Wow these both look amazing! I have to try this.

  5. Alessandro Nail Dots könnte eine Alternative zu OPI Black Spotted sein. Aber diese Version gefällt mir noch besser, weil das Muster viel feiner ist.

    1. Das stimmt, ich habe den von Alessandro aber leider in der Schweiz noch nirgends gefunden. Und jetzt wo ich das selber machen kann brauch ich ihn ja auch nicht mehr :)

  6. I felt the same way about cutepolish but this idea was seriously incredible! Gotta give her credit for that one :)
    I really like the blue version you did, it's very striking!

  7. I love your idea of using 3 different polishes!!
    and thanks for the link ;D

  8. Beautiful final effect! I like the second manicure a little bit more! :-)

  9. I need to try it! Looks so pretty!


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