Mittwoch, 17. April 2013

Watercolor Nails

Feeling the urge of trying something new, I decided to go for watercolor nail art. This is a technique which is (from what I've seen on Youtube) very popular in classical nail art. It is done with watercolors and can only be painted on a base of acrylic paint or roughened nail polish. I tried this design twice: At first I used a base of white acrylic paint. But soon after finishing the design, it fell off in pieces, because water has reached under my top coat. I'd recommend using the acrylic base only for small watercolor designs and not for a full nail coverage. Update: The same happened with my second technique, so the problem seems to be somewhere else... After that I used two coats of Essie - Marshmallow and one coat of Essie - Good To Go and let it all dry. Then I used a buffing file to roughen the surface and painted on my design with watercolor. On top I used another coat of Essie - Good To Go. I'm aware that this is far from the beautiful watercolor flowers and patterns that are done in classical nail art. But still I'm really happy with my first try and it looks quite fancy from a little distance. :)

What do you think about using watercolor for nail art? 


  1. So pretty, I think it looks fantastic! I really like the shades you picked.

  2. I've heard of another technique for watercolor nails, wher you use regular nailpolish with a brush dipped in acetone to thin the polish. Haven't tried it yet, though, so I cant't confirm if it works.


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