Mittwoch, 15. Mai 2013

Deadly Sins Challenge - Day 7: Sloth (Studded Nails - Video Tutorial)

This weeks sin is Sloth and it really comes in handy for me, since the semester is soon to be over and I have a lot of stuff to do besides my nails. This means I shouldn't be painting my nails, but obviously won't stop doing so. :) You guys really liked my studded nails for Day 6, thanks so much for all the lovely comments! I decided to make a super short video tutorial on how I add studs to the nails, because today's theme says: Don't try too hard but explain everyone how to do something really easy... (Tutorial).

Illustrations by: dahlig
And because I'm so lazy, I once more added the studs to an already existing design, my Denim Nails. I used round 1.5mm silver studs which I bought on Ebay. They're also available at Born Pretty Store


  1. Another incredibly gorgeous nail art. You must have the patience of 100 people :-)

  2. Beautiful effect! I guess you need a lot of patience to do it! But the result is stunning! :-)


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