Mittwoch, 19. Juni 2013

Essie - Neon (Summer 2013)

Essie Switzerland sent me the Neon 2013 collection as well and I didn't swatch this one until now because I wasn't very excited about this one. I read that a lot of people are disappointed with the formula of these six shades and I have to say that I am as well. Essie suggests that you wear a white base for all colors because it's going to make them brighter. It does indeed make all of them brighter and I personally don't like them without the white base. The only shade that I would wear without white is Boom Boom Room (light pink). But the thing is: white nail polish is the most annoying nail polish when it comes to formula. So why would I want to use a white base every time before I paint my nails? I don't want to! Also in my opinion this collection isn't a neon collection because the only shade that appears as an actual neon color to me is Saturday Disco Fever (orange). And most of the colors were quite thin and streaky and not a pleasure to work with. Nonetheless I found a way to enjoy this collection by combining all of them in a nail art design, which you can find at the end of this post. This is a long post again, so you can find all of the swatches after the jump.

Essie - Boom Boom Room (light pink) & Essie - Bottle Service (pink)

I used one coat of each shade over one (even) coat of Essie - Blanc. As stated above, Boom Boom Room does look alright without the white base. Bottle Service doesn't look quite right without the white base. And since these aren't neons you could easily just use your average bright pinks instead of these. I used one coat of BTGN Top Sealer on top. 

Essie - DJ Play That Song (purple) & Essie - Saturday Disco Fever (orange)

Again I used one coat of each over one (even) coat of Essie - Blanc. They do look alright and Saturday Disco Fever is actually a bright neon orange, which is the reason that these pictures are not quite  showing the right color. It is more neon and more orange. Again BTGN Top Sealer on top.

Essie - Bouncer, It's Me! (blue) & Essie - Shake Your $$ Maker (green)

I loved these two in the bottle! They looked awesome and I can imagine that a lot of people (especially if they didn't know about the white base) were really disappointed in these! If I bought these for myself I would definitely be disappointed. They're both very thin and apply very streaky. I had to use two coats of each over one (even) coat of Essie - Blanc to make them look acceptable. One coat of BTGN Top Sealer on top.

So even if I dislike this collection, I wanted to do some nail art with it. Since they look best over white, I decided to do Splatter Nails using the DIY decal method (Tutorial here). So I took all of the six shades, splattered them onto a base of Blanc and let it dry. Then I added the decals over one coat of Blanc on my nails. This is really the best way to use this collection! Something else I might try with them is water marble since I do that a lot over white anyway. I'm sure I can use these one way or the other. 


  1. Beautiful Combos. I have Shake Your $$ Maker and it had a horrible formula. I also have DJ Play That Song and that was better. I loved the final look of it.

  2. same here...hab ausnahmsweise alle stehen lassen.
    trotzdem, richtig tolle fotos, tolle mischung!

    und wuhuuu, glückwunsch zu 1001 leser :**

  3. You make these look really good! I feel exactly the same way about having to use a white base for polish - it's such a nuisance to make white look decent that once you then layer the colour you actually want to use on top, there's a risk of the whole thing ending up chunky and annoying. Not something I would have the patience for on a regular basis!

    1. Yes! And then with clean up you have to be careful, so that the white doesn't show underneath the color... super annoying!

  4. Doesn't look very neon to me, but I don't care because I LOVE all the colors :-) And I think that last nail art looks incredible.

  5. die splatter nails sind wie immer genial!!

  6. Dj play that song hab ich und bin begeistert...ich brauch 2-3 schichten und er ist perefkt <3


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