Freitag, 16. August 2013

Born Pretty Store - Yogurt Milky Glitter Nail Polish Set

I have another short review for you today! Born Pretty Store sent me this sweet set of mini nail polishes which contains 4 milky colors with a lot of glitter. It's sold for 7.99$ and there are 6ml in each bottle. I've only tried the blue one on my nails, but swatched the others on fake nails with two coats each. They do remind me a lot of the Tony Moly polishes that I bought last year! My favorite is the mint one, because the glitter stands out more than in the others. I can tell from the blue one, that these take a bit longer to dry, but with a good top coat that might be alright.

You can use my coupon code DEL91 to get 10% off at BPS.


  1. I pondered buying these the last time I ordered something from BPS, but skipped. Now you changed my mind, will definitely buy this pack the next time!

  2. Ich finde sie alle ganz hübsch, aber der mintfarbene ist wirklich am schönsten :-)

  3. Lately I've been enjoying these milky glitters very much! :D The green and blue ones are bearth taking!


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