Sonntag, 13. Oktober 2013

Manhattan - Bonnie Strange Colour Collection

Sorry for being a lazy blogger these days! I'm super busy (and now I have a cold as well). So all I have to show you today is the (more or less) new Manhattan Bonnie Strange Colour Collection with six colors that I received to review. More or less because the collection is already available since mid-September, but it will be available for about 4 more months. Each bottle contains 7 ml and is sold for 2.99 € or CHF 5.90. I used two coats each with no base or top coat, in case you just want to scroll through the pictures. My favorite is #6 The Wow-Show! which you can find at the end of this post! 

001 Berlin Bling
A nice classic silver which looks quite alright with two coats. It was a bit streaky, but I think that could be fixed by adding the second coat with a sponge. 

002 Kreuzberg Darling
A pale pink with a tiny bit of blue shimmer, which is really really not my thing. Also it was quite streaky and three coats would probably be needed here.

003 Very Veggie
Two coats and not opaque at all, very thin and streaky. This was a disappointment.

004 Black Trash
Blackish silver glitter which is perfectly opaque with two coats. Nothing to complain about (except for its name). 

005 Überlover
A nice Christmassy gold which is also showing the brush strokes a bit. Again, a sponge could fix that. Not too impressed by the color though. 

006 The Wow-Show!
Yeah, the name says it. This is my favorite, a beautiful purple with orange glitter which only looks yellow in the bottle. I added a picture from the lightbox with top coat to show all its beauty. I wore this for 7 days with a matte top coat and loved it (but then again I didn't have time to change it anyway). 


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