Sonntag, 3. November 2013

Sally Hansen: Go Baroque 2013

I have quick swatches of the Sally Hansen Go Baroque Limited Edition which will be available in November 2013. The collection consists of six shades inspired by the luxurious baroque era. Each bottle is sold for € 8.99 in selected Müller, dm and Rossmann stores. To find out more about Sally Hansen visit their German Facebook page. All of the swatches are made without base or top coat. 

Sally Hansen - Aria Redy?
Two coats, good and opaque formula. I couldn't get the color right here, it's really just a regular pink. 

Sally Hansen - Belle of the Ball
Two coats. It's more purple on the nails than in the bottle, where it looks like a shimmery red. 

Sally Hansen - Belle of the Ball + Star Crossed
One coat of Star Crossed over Belle of the Ball. Starcrossed is a golden glitter with blue and green highlights. Pretty but not spectacular. 

Sally Hansen - Of Cors-et 
Two coats of a light pearly grey with hints of blue and silver. It's rather sheer and made my skin look really weird.

Sally Hansen - So-nata Problem
Two coats. But as much as I loved Night Watch, I don't need another one just like it. These look exactly the same. 

Sally Hansen - So-nata Problem + Starcrossed
I used one coat of Starcrossed over So-nata Problem. This is actually my favorite combination.

Sally Hansen - Star Powder
Two coats, pearly white and sheer. Could this be the most unexciting nail polish that I own? 

I was a little bored by this collection to be honest. The only shade that got me a tiny bit excited was Starcrossed, but even this one is just a glitter top coat and doesn't seem too extraordinary to me. I don't see anything luxurious here! Apart from that, these all have good quality and in case you missed Night Watch, you could still go for So-nata Problem here. 

Have a beautiful Sunday evening! 


  1. I really like the look of Starcrossed, but I agree with you, most of these shades have been seen before. Sally Hansen, Star Power, Why?? LOL Your swatches are still really great though!

  2. it looks better in the bottles :(

  3. Lololol I love how you're completely honest with this review. I agree! Limited Edition? You can find very similar shades to these already :p Your entire tone was just hilarious xD!!

  4. I agree that the shades are boring :S

  5. Aria redy is really pretty.

  6. I like all even the pearl ones, I think it's because I'm not buying polishes lately :D

  7. Oh man, I'm in love with Night Watch too - what an amazing shade! ;-)


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