Mittwoch, 28. Mai 2014

The Lacquer Legion Garden: Daisies

I'm posting later than usual today, since I really wanted to participate in this month's Lacquer Legion challenge, but didn't have time to prepare a design in advance. It's all about the garden this month! Obviously I had to do something with flowers and it seems to me like daisies are really popular these days, I see them everywhere! I picked Sally Hansen - Mojito as my base color and I think it looks lovely combined with the daisies. I painted them on with acrylic paint and a nail art brush. On top is one coat of Essence - BTGN High Gloss. You can find all of the participants of this challenge with the hashtag #LLgarden

The Lacquer Legion Garden: Daisies Nail Art

The Lacquer Legion Garden: Daisies Nail Art


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