Freitag, 6. Juni 2014

Coca-Cola by OPI: Icons of Happiness

I received three samples of the OPI collaboration with Coca-Cola and I will show you all of them in today's post. The Coca-Cola by OPI - Icons of Happiness collection will be available from the end of June 2014 until October, including 9 bottles for CHF 23.90 each and a mini set with all bottles for CHF 49.90. For more information you can visit the OPI Swiss Facebook page. I was really excited about this collection since I just love the idea of colors inspired by drinks. I'm a big fan of Vanilla Coke, so I'm probably gonna buy You're So Vain-illa for myself, just because. I got the classic red inspired by - well - the classic coke called Coca-Cola Red, then the black with dark red glitters which was inspired by Coke Zero and is called Today I Accomplished Zero (love the name!) plus the duochrome green inspired by Sprite which is called Green On The Runway. I really didn't get the reference to Sprite though, but it's a lovely color. I used two coats of each polish and no top coat except for Today I Accomplished Zero, to even out the glitter surface. As usual these are of good quality and dried fast.

Coca-Cola Red
Classic red - always in style, always perfect.

two coats, no top coat

Coca-Cola by OPI: Icons of Happiness Coca-Cola Red

Green on the Runway
This uncut-lime green makes a real fashion statement.

two coats, no top coat

Coca-Cola by OPI: Icons of Happiness Green on the Runway

Today I Accomplished Zero
Dramatic black with effervescent red sparkle is a total must-do. 

two coats, 1 coat of Essence - BTGN High Gloss

Coca-Cola by OPI: Icons of Happiness Today I Accomplished Zero


  1. Great photos. I really like the green and Today I Accomplished Zero looks pretty cool too :-)

  2. Green on the runway looks amaaazing :-O I can't stop looking at it.

  3. I especially like the last one! But I really, really didn't want to buy any more polishes...

  4. I don't really care about the theme of this collection but the green is definitely going to be mine. SO PRETTYYYYY!

  5. Love this line!

    The green for Sprite is because of their green bottle that it the drink comes in.

    1. Yes I know! But I'm really thinking of a different green when I think about Sprite... but I figured that they were probably inspired by the can, which explains the chrome. Well, I like it either way ;)

  6. So pretty! My favorites are Today I accomplished zero and Green on the runway :)


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