Donnerstag, 8. Januar 2015

Two-tone Studded Nails

So I finally took the time to do some nail art again! This was very simple and didn't take up too much time since I didn't bother using striping tape. All I did was painting a base with Zoya - Dree and then adding Essie - Lady Godiva on half of my nail using the brush from the bottle. To make it a bit more exact I used a striping brush and black nail polish for the centerline. On top of that I added some studs, which I received from bornprettystore some time ago. I then added one coat of Essence - BTGN High Gloss and I think something's wrong with this bottle. I used it once or twice, so I'm not sure what it is... it might be because I used it over Essie - Penny Talk? Anyway, please ignore the dust on top of the design. ;) 


  1. Holy cow, that looks flipping AWESOME! I really love everything about it. The colors (I totally need Dree), the design, the studs, errrrthang!

  2. This looks super chic. I bought a green that resembles this the other day and I was scared that it might be a bit hard to wear but you sure made it work!!


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