Mittwoch, 8. Februar 2012

NOTD: Essence Nail Fashion Stickers - Glitterastic (Crazy Good Times LE)

Well after I've seen some really great pictures of longer nails and those nail fashion stickers from Essence I decided to give it a try anyway. These are called "Glitterastic" and are sold for 3.50 CHF. You will receive 14 different sizes. 

I started with one coat of black and then figured out which size would fit best for my nails. I had some trouble with that, but more because of their width. They were just about the right lenght for my nails. I had to cut some but I would recommend that only if you are talented in such stuff, because I'm not. And it was messy. And it took me about half an hour or more to do all my nails.

Well, they might appear pretty on the pictures, but that's just because I took them from a flattering angle. You can clearly see the black basecoat on the side of the nail and the rough surface in the front. And it was impossible to apply them without wrinkles on my thumb and index finger nails. That's why I added one coat of BTGN Top Sealer, which changed the appearance a little bit.

I think they're looking awesome on the pictures but that's not enough for me! I bought the purple ones as well (yeah, of course I did) and I will still try them, maybe I can improve my technique a little. 


  1. they look great! need to try them out =)

  2. lustig. ich habe gerade gestern über die sticker geschrieben. vielleicht willst du auch mal gucken. :D

    meine sind aber auf rot und nicht auf schwarz. aber schwarz sieht auch gut aus. :)

    1. Hab mir grad deinen Post angeschaut, die sehen ja hübsch aus bei dir!

  3. awesome nails!


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