Montag, 6. Februar 2012

NOTD: Valentine's Day 3: Valentine's Day Picnic

Once again inspired by Robin Moses, click here for her tutorial on how to create the picnic tablecloth pattern. 

I chose a blue toned tablecloth and used two colors from Essence: King of Mints and Speed Of Light Blue (You Rock! LE). 

As a base color I used CG Snow and then added the stripes and squares with my nail art brush.
One coat of Essie GTG on top.

I really like the pattern so I left it like that for a day. But since I planned it as a Valentine's Day design, I added a little heart on my ring finger nail.

The heart is made with Catrice - Raspberry Field Forever and outlined with OPI Black Onyx. 

It makes me wanna pack my bag and leave for the park to make a picnic... just until I open my window and feel the sub-zero temperatures outside. :S


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