Freitag, 23. März 2012

Ebalay - A02

In February I was contacted by KKcenterhk and asked if I wanted to test one of their nail polishes. How could I say no? I chose a pretty duochrome top coat called Ebalay A02. It's sold for 6.80$ and contains 15ml. After 22 days I got the package and started to paint right away.

As you can tell, the design is obviously copied from O.P.I. 

On the website it says if you apply the top coat over darker base colors, the effect will be better. I applied it over two coats of H&M - Manhunter (Black) and what I got is awesome! You couldn't tell by looking at the bottle but the result is a lovely purple-blue duochrome, if not a multichrome. 

Sadly I wasn't able to capture the duochrome effect with my camera, so the following pictures are all my camera was able to do. But I guess you all know how a purple-blue duochrome effect looks like.

Drying time was alright, I had more problems with Manhunter to dry completely. 

This is the brush and it's similar to a O.P.I brush.

I was offered a Coupon Code by KKcenterhk, so if you like to order something you can use my code and get 10% off. 

Code: spektorsnails
End date: 31. January 2013

This nail polish was offered to me by KKcenterhk for review.


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