Montag, 26. März 2012

Japanese Cherry Blossom

This design was actually inspired by the Japanese Cherry Blossom series from The Body Shop. Perfect for spring and the lovely weather outside.

Since I don't have an opaque pastel pink nail polish I chose a white one as a base color and then mixed together my lightest pink from Catrice (Sweets For My Sweets) and some white nail polish. I used a sponge to apply it to the white base and got a really nice pastel pink background for my cherry blossoms.

For the branches I used Catrice - Lost In Mud and the long nail art brush from Essence. For the flowers I used three colors: China Glaze - Snow, H&M - Check Me Out and Catrice - Raspberry Field Forever. I made random spots with the white color, then added some of the lighter pink and a small spot of the darker pink in the middle. Then again a tiny bit of white in each flower.

One coat of BTGN Top Sealer to protect the design. 


  1. so beautiful, perfect for spring! I love it *-*

  2. I love your nail art. They're so elegant :)

  3. Beautiful!! These are perfectly painted!

  4. I love all your designs!!

    How do you keep your nails healthy? My nails always peel and break/bend. Is there a product you use to help them stay strong without peeling?

    Thanks! :)

    1. Thank you! Actually my nails peel as well, but it got a little better when I started using Microcell as a base coat.

  5. That's really awesome and very creative! I like it.

  6. This is gorgeous! I wish I saw this a week ago (I live in Japan and we had a picnic with friends under the cherry blossoms.) This would have been perfect! Followed you :)



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