Donnerstag, 1. März 2012

NOTD: Stripes & Curves

I had absolutely no idea what I was gonna paint on my nails this time. So I just covered them with a white base, took two pretty colors out of my stash and started painting.
I chose Essence - True Love and Catrice - Put Lavender On Agenda and in addition I tried my new nail art brush from Essence (Nail Art Designer Set). It's my first long brush and I have to say it makes it easier to paint thin lines. But I wouldn't recommend the one from Essence because it doesn't seem to have the perfect quality in my opinion.

I love the design on my ring finger nail, I will definitely do this as a whole design someday. On my thumb I have the popular cloud design from Nailside which you can find here. I accidentally deleted the pictures of my thumb so you're not gonna see it this time, sorry about that. 

Two coats of BTGN Top Sealer this time since the white base coat was showing really quick and I had to repair some nails.


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