Mittwoch, 18. April 2012


This design occured by accident: I tried to sponge a gradient design with three colors at the same time. It didn't work, so I just sponged all over it again.

I used three pretty colors from Essie: 
Velvet Voyeur, Angora Cardi and In Stitches.

And I used a new fast drying top coat from Revlon which I'm testing at the moment. It's very expensive but I've heard good things about it. So far I'm happy with the result but I need to test more polish / nail art variations to be sure.


  1. This looks awesome <3 I really like it! =D

    And I love your nails *.*

  2. sooo pretty. Love the sponging method ♥

  3. Very pretty manicure! Funny to read it wasn't on purpose but accidentally :D

  4. Auch wenn es nicht das ist, was du ursprünglich vor hattest, finde ich es trotzdem durchaus gelungen :D.
    Gefällt mir wirklich gut^^.

  5. I love the effect the colours has produced! I use Revlon topcoat and I love it!

  6. Great look! Your sponging looks much better than mine - need to practice more!!

  7. W-O-W, dass sieht super aus, sowas muss ich auch mal ausprobieren *_*! Tolle Farbkombi ;).

    lg Neru

  8. i love it - it looks like a galaxy mani, but in a different colour. Don't you just sometimes LOVE mistakes :) xx


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