Samstag, 21. April 2012

Square Nails Design by Sophie from My Awesome Beauty

I allowed myself to copy a design from a nail artist I love. Make sure to check out Sophie's blog My Awesome Beauty, she does the most amazing nail art designs and she has a unique technique which I've not seen before in this way. She's using striping tape to create squares, triangles, lines, etc. 

Since she did a tutorial on her famous Elegant Squares nail design I tried to work my way trough it and created a black/grey/white version of Square Nails.

I used two coats of NYX Matte White as a base color. Then I proceeded as stated in the video, using Catrice - London's Weather Forecast and Essence - My Sparkling Acrobat plus silver striping tape. (I got mine here.)

I noticed that even though Revlon Quick Dry Top Coat does not cause any shrinkage (with a new bottle), it does smudge my designs. I think it's because of its thin formula that the brush smudged some black into the white squares, no matter how careful I was. 

So, I really do love this design. But it's very time-consuming if you're not used to work with striping tape. And I had to take it off a day after because the striping tape was lifting on some nails. Just a tiny bit, but enough to make me pick it every five minutes. I'd recommend designs where the striping tape ends on the side of the nail only (or simply be more talented than me in cutting the tape with your weak hand). 

And to conclude a shot of my square nails with my awesome new shirt. Love the color <3 

Have a nice weekend! 


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