Sonntag, 20. Mai 2012

Best Sence Glitter Polish - Black & Red

I'm done with my exams, so hopefully I'm back to regular postings now! For a start I have two glitter nail polishes from Best Sence. They were sent to me from KKCenterhk for review. I have swatched them both over NYX Matte White.

First up is Best Sence - "Black Big & Small Hexagon Glitter". What a name!

You're looking at "one coat". As much as I love those black big glitters, application was aweful. With one coat the only thing on my nail was the tiny silver glitter. But if there is black big glitters, I want black big glitters! So I had to put them on my nail with a toothpick. Works fine for me, but I'd prefer it otherwise!

Next up is Best Sence - "Red Small Hexagon & Dot Glitter"

I love it! Red big glitters, smaller blue ones and tiny golden ones. Totally random but pretty anyway. But then again, same problem here. Had to use my toothpick to put the big glitters on my nail. This one actually didn't come in a clear base. It was tinted reddish which gave my white base a soft rose color. Which is why I made a glitter sandwich!

I added one coat of Essence - Sweet As Candy on top of my glitter. You can't really see it though, but it looked awesome!

The red one is actually sold out at the moment, but if you like to buy something at KKCenterhk you can still use my coupon code and get 10% off. 

Code: spektorsnails
End date: 31. January 2013

These nail polishes were offered to me by KKcenterhk for review.


  1. Such a beautiful nail it!!

  2. I love the glitter over the white - it's not to much!

  3. I like these a lot. I never wear white nail polish, but it does look good. :)


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