Sonntag, 10. Juni 2012

Black & White Water Marble

I haven't done a water marble design in a while, I guess just because I remember it as being a bit complex. Of course it takes a little more time to do a water marble design instead of just painting your nails. But if you prepare well you will be done much faster than with a lot of other nail art techniques! 

These are the things I prepare before starting my design:

        • A glass of distilled water
        • My nail polish selection 
        • 20 pre-cut sticky tapes (2 for each finger to protect the skin from polish)
        • Tweezers (to remove the tape without messing up my nails)
        • A sheet of paper (to stick on the tape after use)
        • A paper towel (to clean up my tools and get rid of waterdrops)
        • A needle (to marble of course)
        • Toothpicks (to remove the polish floating around my nails)

For today's design I have painted my nails the evening before with two coats of NYX Matte White. For the water marble I chose Catrice - Snow Motion (because I wasn't sure matte nail polish would work and because Snow Motion isn't too precious for me) and Wet 'n' Wild - Black Creme. I used one coat of Seche Vite on top.

Water marble is always a little bit tricky, since you don't really know how it's gonna look in the end. So I had my problems first with the black spreading too much and covering the white on my nails. You can see the grey on my pinky nail. I don't really have advice on how to avoid this. I guess water marbling is also a matter of luck sometimes!


  1. This looks so fantastic! I always love a good water marble, and the bold black and white is just plain awesome. I'm absolutely going to try this soon!

  2. I like this, everytime I try a water marble it turns out questionable but maybe if I try with just two colors and start simple it would be a success :) I like the black and white of this!!!

  3. Love the classy look of black and white.

  4. Would've loved to see this on video. Everyone always has such "busy" water marble designs, I think this is lovely!


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