Samstag, 9. Juni 2012

Glitter Sandwich: China Glaze - For Audrey / Essence - Glorious Aquarius

Today's design resulted once again from not knowing what to do with my nails. I painted them with two coats of China Glaze - For Audrey which is indeed a lovely color. But that wasn't enough so I added one coat of the shimmery top coat from Essence's double nail polish A Walk In The Park. It looked nice as well, but nice wasn't enough. So I added one coat of Essence - Glorious Aquarius. Which was definitely way too much glitter and shimmer. So what did I do? I added another coat and turned the whole thing into a glitter sandwich! ;-) Once again I chose p2 - Being In Heaven as the "jelly" top coat. 

So this is what I ended up with after six random coats of nail polish.

Despite its randomness I really like it, it's a very subtle blue toned glitter sandwich. And it's great if you love the "sandwich look" but don't want to go overboard with it (such as with Circus Confetti).

My boyfriend calls those glitter sandwiches "mould nails" since the glitter looks to him like my nails have gone mouldy underneath the nail polish... Yummy! 


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