Mittwoch, 8. August 2012

White on Blue & Blue on White (Ebalay Matte)

I´ve rediscovered stamping! Today´s design is made with two matte nail polishes from Ebalay which I received for review. I decided to combine them in a design instead of just showing you the swatches. 

The white nail polish is Ebalay - White Matte. It would be a pretty good white relating to opacity but the drying time and the formula aren´t too good. It is rather clumpy and needs some effort to apply and then it doesn´t dry as quickly as I hoped. I had to use nail polish thinner on this one to receive a better formula.

On my ring finger I used Ebalay - Blue Matte which is an awesome dark blue and looks great on its own. Here I didn´t have any problems with the formula and it is opaque with one coat. 

The stamping is once again from my Dashica stamping plate Big Sdp D which you can find here

On top before and after the stamping is one coat of Revlon Quick Dry Top Coat.

Just to show you how pretty the Blue Matte is on its own, here is a picture I took some time ago. It looks purple though, but dark blue it is. 

You can find Ebalay nail polish at KKCenterHk and use my coupon code for 10% off.

Code: spektorsnails
End date: 31. January 2013

These nail polishes were offered to me by KKcenterhk for review.


  1. that blue is gorgeous!!!!!!
    i cant type enough exclamation points about it!

  2. Adorei o resultado, ele so ja é um luxo, pois amo foscos.

  3. Das matte Blau sieht toll aus, aber dein Nail Art ist auch sehr schön <3.

    lg Neru

  4. mir gefällt das erste design total gut! :)

  5. Das Blau finde ich super toll! Dein Stamping gefällt mir auch sehr! :)

  6. This is very pretty! I like it a lot :)


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