Montag, 17. September 2012

Mexican Sarape Blanket Nails

So yesterday was the Mexican Independence Day which inspired me to do some more Mexican nails. Have a look at my Mexican Pusheen Nails and my Mexican Flag Nails as well! 

This one was inspired by the typical traditional blanket called Sarape which is a very colorful and eye-catching piece of clothing. I didn't find a way to paint each nail with all the colors, so I chose one typical color pattern for each one. These are done with acrylic paint on a white base color and one top is one coat of Essie - Good To Go.

I've made the experience that my acrylic paint designs chip very fast and I'm looking for a way to prevent this. Has anyone an idea how to improve? Maybe I just didn't wrap them properly with my top coat, that could be the case...

I actually showed these nails to two Mexicans and they had no idea what it should illustrate... first guess was "Germany?" Haha! So either I did something wrong or it is just not as popular as I thought. I like the colors anyway ;)


  1. Absolutely beautiful! I adore this x

  2. Sieht sehr interessant aus, wäre toll wenn du davon ein Tutorial machen könntest :).

    lg Neru

  3. These are BEAUTIFUL! Really love the textured, blended look you got with your acrylics. :)

  4. These are amazing!! They remind me of those old vases they made of clay back in the days.



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