Sonntag, 24. Februar 2013

Etude House - Juicy Cocktail Gradation Nails: Love Violet & Mint Frappe

I really hope you aren't annoyed with all the reviews and swatches lately! I have a lot of stuff left to review and don't feel very inspired to do nail art at the moment. So for today what I want to show you is the second part of my Etude House ebay shopping. In addition to the If Story Nail Kit I bought two Gradation Nail sets, one in purple and one in mint. Compared to how much I liked the If Story Nail Kit, I wasn't too excited about these two. First of all I ditched both of the base colors because they were really sheer and looked very weird on my nails. I chose to do the gradient on a similar but opaque base color. Secondly I wasn't happy with the glitters in the mint set. So basically I paid about 15$ for six polishes of which I only liked two in the end.

Etude House - Mint Frappe

I used two coats of China Glaze - Re-Fresh Mint as my base color and then added the first sheer glitter with a sponge. The second polish was only a clear base with turquoise glitter (boring!) and I had to add it directly with the brush. On top is one coat of BTGN Top Sealer.

Etude House - Love Violet

I used two coats of Essie - Lilacism as my base color and then added the both glitter polishes with a sponge. Drying time was alright, on top is one coat of BTGN Top Sealer. I'm sure you could create a pretty awesome look with just using the darkest glitter on top of a purple base color. I might try that in the future.


  1. Das war ja dann ein kleiner Reinfall :/ die gebastelten Ergebnisse sind aber toll!
    Niemals genervt von deinen Posts :*

  2. Die Ergebnisse sich doch ganz schön. :)
    Vor allem das lilane.
    Aber bei dem Preis und vor allem, wenn dir dann wirklich nur 33% gefallen, ist es echt schade um's Geld. :/

    Na ja, ich hab dir einen Award verliehen. :)

    LG, Paule

    PS: Deine Posts nerven nicht! Von mir aus können es ruhig mehr sein. ;)

    1. Danke Paule! :) Auch für den Award, obwohl ich da ja nicht mitmache. Freut mich trotzdem!

  3. Good to know... das Set in Mint wollt ich mir unbedingt noch kaufen - jetzt werd ich es wohl sein lassen :)

    Das Ergebnis gefällt mir trotzdem total gut!

  4. love your combo ! at first when I saw the bottles together I thought "I want it!" but fortunately, your review is honest and I changed my mind^^
    Anyway, your two mani rock ! I think i prefer the second one !

  5. schade, dass das Set so "unergiebig" war … das violette Design finde ich aber sehr hübsch, da gefällt mir auch der Glitter echt gut :)

  6. so gorgeous, love the gradient color choices

  7. I like them both but the second one is my favorite :-) I like the colors better.

  8. OMG! the 2nd one is just georgeous :)

  9. Too bad you didn't enjoy the sets, both manicures look great though!

  10. I have these two sets too. It is a great idea to use a darker base color.

    Etude house now has three new gradation sets, you can read more at my blog:
    New Etude House Juicy cocktail gradation sets


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