Mittwoch, 27. Februar 2013

Born Pretty Store: Miki Nails - Water Decals A 1-20

And I have another product from Born Pretty Store to review! This time I chose one of their Water Decals, because they have quite some interesting patterns to choose from. Each Water Decal is sold for 1.99 $ and as usual you will get 12 pieces. I always keep my two leftovers for accent nail designs. I chose the pattern A 1-20 because it looked really pretty and it is a design that I couldn't paint freehand. To be sure I added one coat of Essie - Licorice as a base and two coats of Star Nails - Nail Art Finishing Sealer on top. 
The durability of the decals is very good and I'm starting to think that my problem with Water Decals is just the missing practice! Despite the good quality I was disappointed in this product, because it didn't look like the illustration in the shop at all! While in the shop the pattern looked clear and vivid the original product was very pale. Of course I still like the pattern and it doesn't look bad, but still I would want to get the exact pattern that I chose.

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