Freitag, 12. April 2013

Dance Legend: Fruity Milk - Sugar Glaze, Pink Marshmallow, Kiwi Smoothie

This is my last Dance Legend post for now and to shorten it a bit, I decided to show the three Fruity Milk polishes in one posting. At first I was really excited about these, because I'm a big fan of those 'glitter sandwich' polishes. But as the name suggests, these are all sheer and I don't like sheer polishes at all. The reason for that is that my nails are always a bit stained. So if your nails are stained, you might want to whiten them before wearing these polishes, or - just like I will in the future - paint on an opaque matching color before adding the glitter polish. Besides this rather personal opinion, there's nothing wrong with these. I used two coats of each with one coat of Essie - Good To Go on top and they all dried fast and applied alright. 

Dance Legend - Kiwi Smoothie

A pale green with green, light golden and dark golden glitter. A perfect combination which I haven't seen before. I will definitely wear this one again over a light green base color. 

Dance Legend - Pink Marshmallow

A rather antique light pink with silver shimmer and red, blue, green and golden glitter sequins. The combination of pink and colorful confetti is not very unique and in my opinion it doesn't even look that good here. Gold with pink? And silver shimmer? Mh, nah...

Dance Legend - Sugar Glaze

I was most excited about this one because it looked really unique! In the bottle it looked like a white base with red and blue glitters, which would have been awesome! But sadly the base wasn't clean white, but with a pink undertone and that looks a bit weird in my opinion. It's still unusual, but I don't think that pink really matches with blue and red.

Dance Legend will soon be available online with worldwide shipping. You can like their Facebook page to be up to date on the opening of their online shop! Dance Legend Fruity Milk polishes are sold for 9$, shipping is 10$ or free if you order more than 10 bottles. If you don't want to wait to place your order, you can do it via E-Mail.

You can find all the Dance Legend polishes that I swatched here. My overall conclusion for the 10 polishes: I like their approach of selling so many different and unique effect polishes and it is definitely something new! Especially the thermo polishes are really cool and I might buy more of them for my own use. But in general I feel like they are a bit overpriced for the quality that you will receive. A lot of the polishes (especially the Sahara Crystal ones) chipped really fast and that might be a big problem for several customers!


  1. I like seeing swatches of sheer polishes but not sure about wearing them because I prefer those kind of solid colours. Kiwi smoothie looks gorgeous though, that one will be great for St. Patricks day


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