Sonntag, 10. November 2013

Incoco: Real Nail Polish Strips - Bone Rattling #2 UPDATE

This is the promised update for my review on Incoco Real Nail Polish Strips. I was wearing the design Bone Rattling for six complete days and I only removed them because I got tired of the design. I'm very impressed by the durability of these strips! I added pictures from a top view, which is how usually other people will look at your nails. There was a bit of tip wear already from the beginning due to the filing of the strips, but this tip wear didn't get significantly worse in six days. Then I made some pictures from the front perspective where you can see the tip wear really good. I didn't use top coat at any time and even though there was tip wear, I couldn't feel rough edges on the tips of my nails. The only thing that was a bit annoying for me, was the edge at the cuticle line, because it was rather sharp and my hair got stuck there a lot. I will post the second design from Incoco including my experience with nail polish remover later today.

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