Sonntag, 10. November 2013

Incoco: Real Nail Polish Strips - Ikat Catwalk

This is the second review for Incoco Real Nail Polish Strips and this time I tried a design from their fall collection called Ikat Catwalk. This design is sold for $8.99. I tried a different application technique, because I wasn't too happy with the filing part of their suggested application. I don't have any acetone so I tried to remove the overlaying strip with nail polish remover that contains a bit of acetone. This didn't really work and it took me a long time to even try to remove it. After a few nails I gave up and used the file because it was much faster. Also I rushed the application a bit which lead to some wrinkles at the tip of my nails and I wasn't very happy with the end result. Again I didn't use a top coat because my first design lasted very long without applying any. My advice here is to take your time to apply the strips, even if it is supposed to be a fast technique. You will be way happier with the result and they will last longer if you take your time for each nail. One thing that I didn't like about these strips is the removal. You're supposed to remove these with nail polish remover since pulling them off would probably be bad for the nails. But removing them with nail polish remover was so annoying and it took me forever with both designs! Even if these are made out of real nail polish, there is still some glue involved and removing the glue was quite difficult. I used a lot of cotton pads and even after using water and soap there was some glue left. I guess you could just put up with that after a week of wearing a cool design, but I think I will stick with real nail polish in the future. ;)


  1. hallo, ich habe dich für den liebsten blog award nominiert und wollte fragen ob du lust hättest teilzunehmen? du kannst dir ja erst mal meinen post dazu angucken und überlegen. danke

  2. Myeah, nail stickers are not for me I think. I'd rather stick to regular nail polish too. But these do have a nice design.


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