Sonntag, 24. August 2014

KIKO Cosmetics Haul & 523 Royal Blue

Last week I visited my first ever KIKO store. I've never tried KIKO before but heard a lot of good things about them. So when I saw every possible nail polish shade available I got quite a bit excited. Plus, the polishes are amazingly cheap, especially when you compare them with those of other brands here in Switzerland. I paid CHF 2.90 for the normal polishes and CHF 3.90 for the Cupcake polish (textured). The nail patches were CHF 6.90 (on sale). This is what I got:

Yes, I like blue nail polish! So obviously I was curious about the quality of these and I'm definitely not disappointed. The first one I tried was #523 called Royal Blue. The names are only visible on the website though. I used two coats and the formula is great. I was wearing this polish for four days with one coat of Sally Hansen - Insta-Dri on top and there's just minimal tip wear. A snapshot of Royal Blue while collecting blueberries:

If you didn't know already (I didn't!): KIKO has a few stores in Switzerland and you can also buy their products online. You can find their online shop here


  1. Nice selection! I do like a good deep dark blue :-D

  2. I love Kiko! Love your selections, especially those blues.

  3. I love Kiko! In Italy there are a lot of Kiko stores! I have more or less 130 nail polishes of this brand! I use always them for my nail arts! And I'm also in love with their nail patch!

  4. Oh, how exciting! I gt two Kiko once on Holidays tw years ago! I did not know they were available in Switzerland :) Your choice is great !

  5. Ooooh nice haul, these colors are gorgeous! I'd love to see the green one swatched.

  6. the Cupcake texture nail polish looks pretty!

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