Montag, 31. Dezember 2012

New Year's Eve Confetti Fireworks Nails - Candy Lacquer - Candy Crush

What's a better occasion for Confetti Nails than New Year's Eve? I decided to use another one of my Candy Lacquer bottles to do some colorful nails. I'm very happy with Sugar Mama and Over The Rainbow but sadly Candy Crush is not that perfect. I used one coat of p2 - eternal first and then added two coats of Candy Lacquer - Candy Crush. As the name implies, the glitters are very randomly shaped and the problem is that you can feel that on your nails. Even if you apply the polish very neatly, the surface won't be completely smooth (see my macro shot!). Even after one coat of BTGN Top Sealer I started scratching some of the glitter off. Besides the application I actually really like the idea of that mixed up glitter!

These are actually not my nails for tonight, I will update you on those on Wednesday. 

For now, I wish you a happy new year! Thank you so much for all your lovely comments and e-mails throughout 2012, you're awesome!


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